Getting There will profile the journeys of accomplished women

By Natalie Stone
August 27, 2018 09:20 PM

Katie Couric is encouraging women of all ages and different backgrounds to chase after their dreams.

This week, Couric and theSkimm — a membership company making it easier for millennial women to live smarter lives — will launch their new digital video series titled Getting There, which will profile the journeys of accomplished women, including Issa Rae, Ina Garten, Bethenny Frankel, Jennifer Fisher and more in interviews posted to Facebook.

“Ever wonder how some of the best and brightest made it to where they are? Behind every successful woman is the story about getting there and their journey to the top. So I’m teaming up with theSkimm to learn and share the secrets of their success,” Couric, 61, says in PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek of the premiere episode.

In the interview, Couric spends the day with Instagram’s director of fashion partnerships Eva Chen at the company’s headquarters in New York.

“My job is to work with designers, stylists, models, photographers, magazines, everything that touches the fashion world. A lot of people will say like, ‘Well, I don’t want to post too much because I want to be mysterious. I want to be a cool fashion person.’ And it’s like, if you’re not posting content, there’s no content for people to see, they can’t like it, and you can’t grow your following,” Chen shares.

Katie Couric Eva Chen
Credit: theSkimm

Working at Instagram, Chen has learned the ins and outs of a successful post. And for Instagram users who want to achieve the perfect photo, the mother of two reveals three helpful tips.

“No. 1, natural light is always great and flattering. No. 2, you feel like you’re in a place with someone or you feel like you’re experiencing something. No. 3, I would say is authenticity and just being yourself. And when you are yourself, that is the best Instagram photo of all,” she says.

Although Chen has found success at the intersection of technology and fashion, she admits that “there have been several points where I literally felt lost.”

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Before she entered the fashion industry, Chen was pre-med at Johns Hopkins University — and her parents weren’t initially pleased with her decision to say goodbye to medicine. But when she began working in magazines, they “saw just how happy I was.”

“I think it’s really important to say yes to opportunities,” she explains. “Even if you’re not sure if it will expand your skill set and teach you something new, you should do it.”

For the women who are chasing after their dreams with the hope of one day “getting there” like she did, Chen recommends that they “keep asking questions.”

“It’s a constant journey. Your own career, it might be twisty and turny and take you in a million different detours,” she says, “but that’s something to be celebrated.”