Katie Couric Remembers Late Husband Jay Monahan on 20th Anniversary of His Death: 'We Miss You'

Katie Couric, who also lost her sister to pancreatic cancer, has dedicated much of her time to cancer research and education

Twenty years after he died from colon cancer, Katie Couric is remembering her late husband Jay Monahan.

The journalist shared a sweet photo of Monahan posing with one of their two daughters, Ellie, now 26, and Caroline, 22.

“Jay Monahan. January 9, 1956-January 24, 1998,” she captioned the post. “Twenty years ago today. We miss you.”

Couric, who also lost her sister to pancreatic cancer, has dedicated much of her time to cancer research and education. She’s the co-founder of Stand Up 2 Cancer, the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance and the Jay Monahan Center for Gastrointestinal Health, and told PEOPLE in 2015 that she hopes Monahan would be proud of her work.

“I hope he would think that the work that I’m doing – whether it’s in colon cancers or in other cancers, to save future Jay Monahans from experiencing the same fate that he did – is worthwhile and important,” she said.

Although Couric found love again with John Molner, whom she wed in 2014, the TV host recently shared how difficult the holidays have been as she remembers her life when Monahan was ill.

Katie Couric/Instagram; Inset: Getty

“I’ve had 19 Thanksgivings and Christmases since my husband died,” she wrote in a piece for Time. “Many of them have been full of joy and laughter; the days, months and years of living have made me forget when sleep provided the only refuge and the first few seconds of wakefulness were quickly invaded by a familiar sense of dread.”

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She added, “I now have a new husband, a wonderful person I adore, who is warm and wise and so funny. He’s different from Jay, but I think Jay would approve. I think they would have been friends. His greatest gift has been allowing me to love them both.”

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