Katie Couric and Daughters Star in New 'Got Milk?' Ad – First Look

The health-conscious TV host is the latest to sport a milk mustache


Katie Couric may have perfected the art of easy conversation with some of the most notable people on earth, but the busy mom of two still makes sure that spending quality time with her girls and a healthy breakfast are a part of her daily routine.

And one ingredient that’s always the menu? Milk.

“When you’re adding milk to your breakfast you’re getting all sorts of added benefits,” says the talk-show host, whose daughters Ellie, 21, and Carrie, 17, enjoy Couric’s special coffee with steamed milk, pancakes and cereal with sliced fruit.

“You’re getting protein when you put it in your cereal,” points out Couric, a paid spokesperson for the National Milk Mustache “Got Milk?” campaign. “You’re getting calcium when you add it to your coffee or just drinking a glass straight up.”

While Couric, 56, credits her own mother for teaching her at a young age the importance of a nutritious start to the day, the TV star will join the ranks of the milk mustache community in a new campaign with her daughters that debuts Friday on Katie.

In a behind-the-scenes video of the ad shoot, Couric and her daughters discuss breakfast favorites and the talk show host’s most memorable Mother’s Day. Watch below:

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