The Fashion Police host gave the CNN anchor a temporary punk-rock makeover on live TV during the year-end festivities

When Kathy Griffin tells you to “close your eyes,” you should be ready for anything.

The Fashion Police host brought her love of fun to Times Square Wednesday night, and set her sights on Anderson Cooper, as the pair co-hosted CNN’s coverage of the ball drop.

“Just lean your head down a little bit, close your eyes, and we’re gonna have a little bit of fun, shall we?” Griffin, 54, asked an uncertain Cooper.

“All right, just trust me,” Griffin continued, as she rubbed some impermanent hair dye on Cooper’s renowned silver coif. “This is temporary, and it shows how fantastic you are,” Griffin quipped.

Cooper, 47, soon had bright streaks down the sides of his head, one pink and one blue, and was instantly transformed. “What have you done?” he exclaimed.

Griffin also commemorated her late friend Joan Rivers, by wearing the late comedian’s fur coat to the broadcast. “I love Joan, and she had it made for her in 1980, so you can apologize for [it being real fur], but I won’t, because she would yell, ‘It’s real, I’m old!’ ”

Watch the video above.