The comedian continues making every effort to make Cooper uncomfortable

Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper co-hosted New Year’s Eve Live on CNN for the eighth year straight, and as usual, Griffin did her best to make Cooper feel as uncomfortable as possible.

The pair started the show in bed together, as the comedian procrastinated on changing out of her leopard print onesie for the big night.

Moments before going live, Cooper tweeted a photo of Griffin being prepped for the show, as he panicked about her not being ready.

“I can’t get @kathygriffin out of her pajamas and out of the hotel room in Times Square yet. Help! We have 8 minutes,” he tweeted with the pic.

Once Griffin was ready – even if she didn’t lose the pajamas – the awkward moments commenced, as she picked up her typical irreverent antics, trying to get Cooper to admit whether he’d “open mouth kiss Caitlyn Jenner” and joking that she wants to make the night “all about Jenner.”

When the duo finally made it outside to Times Square to greet the crowd, Griffin whipped her shirt off, exposing a black, lacy bra.