July 08, 2015 03:30 PM

Kris Jenner might be a certified momager, but Kathie Lee Gifford says she’s also something else: a ridiculously supportive friend.

The longtime BFFs spoke to PEOPLE Tuesday at the premiere of The Gallows – starring Gifford’s daughter Cassidy, 21 – and Gifford showered praise on Jenner for supporting her during a scary moment in her pregnancy with Cassidy.

“We had already been through two miscarriages together – she knew about that – and Cass was trying to go that way as well,” Gifford, 61, revealed. “I just got to bed and mama –”

“I just kept feeding her!” Jenner, 59, who attended the premiere with youngest daughter Kylie, 17, exclaimed while finishing her friend’s sentence.

“Mama gives you soup,” Gifford continued. “Everyone was great.”

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Gifford noted one person in particular for being supportive during that time: Caitlyn Jenner.

“Bruce, at the time, was a doll. Still is,” Gifford said, before making a good-natured joke about her going public with her transition. “Now she’s a real doll!”

Jenner also made it clear that having a friend who hosts a morning show (with wine!) can be even more revealing than having your own reality show.

After Gifford made a crack about Spanx, Jenner joked, “She’s always giving away all my secrets.”

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