Kathie Lee Gifford Relives the Moment She Had to Tell Daughter Cassidy Her Father Frank Had Died

Gifford, Regis Philbin and Hoda Kotb reminisced about Frank Gifford on Today

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Despite being back to work on Today, the terrible memory of finding her husband Frank Gifford dead in their home on Aug. 9 is still very fresh in Kathie Lee Gifford‘s mind.

She opened up about those shocking moments on Friday morning’s show, with the help of longtime friend and former Live! co-host Regis Philbin.

“You know what I hadn’t told people?” Gifford said early in the show. “He had just gotten the best medical report he’d had in eight years on Friday. He was doing great.”

Just as Philbin told PEOPLE in this week’s issue, Frank, the 84-year-old former New York Giants star and legendary sports broadcaster was the portrait of health at dinner just a week before.

Amidst the shock and pain of finding him collapsed and unresponsive at their home that Sunday morning, Kathie Lee said she and her son Cody, 25, who was also home at the time, had a horrible task.

“The hardest part of the day other than finding Frank was that we couldn’t get in touch with Cass because she was in the air,” Kathie Lee said of daughter Cassidy, 22, who at the time was on a Delta Airlines flight to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to shoot her upcoming movie Angels and Outlaws. An airline employee was able to intercept her on her layover in Minnesota and tell her to call home.

“The worst thing you want to do is ever get news like that from a monitor while you’re walking wherever you are,” Gifford said. “We got her home and we pulled the wagons together.”

Gifford said her children surprised her on the day she returned to work, sticking around to watch her emotional first show since the tragedy. And she’s steadily making peace with her loss. “When the Lord calls you home, you go home. What are you going to do, argue with the Lord?” she said. “I don’t think so.”

For more on how the Gifford family is coping, pick up this week’s issue of the magazine, on stands now

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