"My grandpa left me one crummy lump sum," the pair sing joyously

By Alex Heigl
Updated April 16, 2015 07:55 AM

James Corden has hit the Late Late Show ground running with great viral clips starring Jon Cryer and Jennifer Hudson, and he continued that streak Wednesday as he and Katharine McPhee sang seasonallyappropriate carols on his show.

That is to say, they sang about Tax Day.

With lyrics like “My grandpa left to me one crummy lump sum” designed to “warm an accountant’s heart,” the pair were certainly swinging for the fences with the bit. Maybe they were just really moved by the occasion, “a time when Americans joyously donate up to 39.6 of their income to the government.”

McPhee’s certainly had a good tax year: Scorpion is one of this season’s breakaway hits, and she told The Hollywood Reporter that she’s planning on releasing a new single in a few weeks. We wonder if she can recommend an accountant.