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March 17, 2008 12:00 AM

Seattle Grace’s finest are ready make their rounds again. The cast of Grey’s Anatomy goes back before the cameras this week, and the prognosis has the desirable doctors immediately knee-deep in drama.

Executive producer and creator Shonda Rhimes tells PEOPLE that the first “Oh my God!” moment will come “probably five minutes into the first episode.” What else can you expect? Well, Addison’s on her way back and Meredith and McDreamy may finally have a happy ending.

Rhimes, as well as Kate Walsh, Sara Ramirez and Chyler Leigh, stepped out over the weekend to attend the American Red Cross of Santa Monica’s annual Red Tie Affair at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel.

“It’s time for her to get over her issues,” Rhimes said of her decision to bring the Mer-Der pairing together after McDreamy was tempted away by a not-so-neurotic nurse. “Either Meredith and Derek should be together by the end of the season or she should make it on her own, and I kind of felt like what I want to see is what happens after — after the happily ever after.”

Rhimes said stars Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey are pleased with the new direction for their on-again, off-again couple, and “very intrigued to see what’s going to happen and how we’re going to do it.”

Meanwhile, with Grey‘s spin-off Private Practice not slated to start shooting until May, star Kate Walsh has the time for her character Addison to head back to her old stomping grounds for an episode. “I’m coming for a little visit — gonna start some trouble,” Walsh told PEOPLE. On screen, Walsh said Addison’s return will likely be necessitated by “some super-important job or something where they can’t do without me,” rather than simply any unfinished romantic entanglements. “I’m sure that I wouldn’t just say hello to the boys — ‘What’s up? Did you guys miss me?'”

Off-screen, Walsh said she’s excited about reuniting with her former costars. “I’m mostly looking forward to the table read, getting to sit around the big conference table with all my old homies and read the script for the first time.”

Sara Ramirez is hoping for a crossover of a different sort for her character Callie. It’s time “a guy walks in and sweeps her off her feet,” Ramirez says. And in the Grey‘s tradition of partner-swapping, she has her wishful eye on a hunk on the show next door: “The cop on Private Practice played by David Sutcliffe. That guy — I’ll make out with him! Bring him over.”

For her character Lexie, Chyler Leigh is hoping she keeps on kissing Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), but if she had to switch partners, she already has her eyes set on another costar. “Lexie is one of the only characters that George hasn’t hooked up with, so maybe that one,” she jokes. “I love T.R. Knight, and so I’d love to do that.” –Scott HuverDebbie VanStory/RockinExposures/iPhoto

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