Kate Walsh revealed she found a real like Dr. Addison Montgomery to treat her brain tumor
Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

After receiving a devastating brain tumor diagnosis in 2015, it seemed like Kate Walsh needed to find a real life Dr. Addison Montgomery — the character she memorably played in ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.

And, lucky for her, the actress found her real life match.

“I ended up finding this amazing doctor here in L.A. who is kind of a total Addison and I say that only because I’m like I can’t believe I kind of found an Addison,” she said during a recent episode of ABC Radio’s “No Limits With Rebecca Jarvis.”

“I love her so much and she’s so cool and so knowledgeable and so fierce and amazing,” Walsh said of her doctor.

Since her diagnosis, Walsh said she refers to her life as “before tumor” and “after tumor.”

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“I think most people who go through, you know, a major health scare or crisis like that, it’s very cliche and trite but it forces you to really sort of assess your life if you haven’t already,” she said.

Walsh said her tumor, which was found to be benign, was removed three days after her doctors discovered it.

“When I was going into surgery and I didn’t know what was going to happen, I just had that real, I call it, like, a God moment or a very special moment,” she revealed. “Like, ‘Well this is it, I’ve had a great run and if not I just want to do stuff that I love.'”

The 13 Reasons Why actress admitted she didn’t talk about her experiences before because she wanted to recover in her own time.

“I really was always intent on wanting to partner with someone just to share and talk about my experience,” she said.

After a nine-month break from working, Walsh shot several projects including Girls Trip and 13 Reasons Why. Though long days of shooting are still in her schedule, she makes sure to get a good night’s sleep and not take too much on for herself.

“Find your Addison… I did… she’s awesome,” she said.