Upton received a whole new look from her The Other Woman costars

Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC/Getty

Meet Hollywood’s new devious duo: Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz.

On Thursday night, the pair stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers and shared some off-screen shenanigans from their new movie, The Other Woman. According to Diaz and Mann, their supermodel costar, Kate Upton, was often too tired to go out after filming. So when the 21-year-old dozed off on a plane, the two actresses brought the party to her.

“We decided to draw …” Mann revealed to Meyers.

Draw on Upton’s face, that is, and the ladies have the photo to prove it. Mann said they were able to sketch facial hair on Upton because the model sleeps like a child.

“Whereas you are adult woman, who draw on people’s faces,” Meyers kiddingly retorted. Zing!

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