Like her character Red, the actress claims to be a whiz in the kitchen

Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty

Orange Is the New Black‘s Kate Mulgrew reminisced about her early career on Saturday as a presenter at the Writer’s Guild Awards in N.Y.C.

Presenting the award for best writing in a daytime drama, the vivacious 58-year-old joked, “This category is one I was lucky enough to be a part of early in my career, 500 years ago.”

The actress was speaking of her time on Ryan’s Hope, though many know her now as the surly but soft-centered Red on Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black.

“When you get a part like this, it’s not because the part is necessarily so special, or that the actress is necessarily so splendid, but the love affair that happens,” she shared.

Mulgrew brings her own touches to the show’s fiery leader. As a self-proclaimed whiz in the kitchen, the actress says her cooking skills help expand Red’s culinary work.

So, what will Mulgrew – or Red – be whipping up to feed her guests on Super Bowl Sunday?

“I was thinking of doing a chili, something very simple. But since we have a photo shoot tomorrow, we’ll probably order in Chinese,” Mulgrew revealed.

The actress and her OITNB costars recently wrapped season two, sharing plenty of behind the scenes moments on Instagram. The pictures don’t lie; Mulgrew described working with the girls as a mix of “sharing secrets and being naughty.”

There’s plenty of mystery surrounding the start of the new season. The show doesn’t return until Spring, but Mulgrew gave insight on what to expect from Red.

“This Russian peasant with the mind of steel; she’s strategic, she’s kind, she’s complicated. She’s going to survive among the bleak monochromatic prison walls if it’s the last thing she does.”

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