'SNL' 's Kate McKinnon on Hillary Clinton: 'I'd Be So Nervous to Meet Her'

The Saturday Night Live star says she supports Clinton for president and would be 'nervous' to meet her

Photo: Dana Edelson/NBC/Getty

Just because Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon skewers Hillary Clinton on a weekly basis doesn’t mean she isn’t a fan.

With the spotlight intensifying on Clinton as she gears up her presidential campaign, McKinnon – who’s made a name for herself impersonating the Democratic front-runner – knows it’s her time to shine.

“I do feel pressure,” the multi-talented impressionist tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Despite her satirization of Clinton, McKinnon says, “I’m rooting for her, obviously,” adding that she finds her “so resplendent!” But after repeatedly mocking the politician’s various ticks, expressions and wardrobe, she admits, “I’d be so nervous to meet her.”

McKinnon also notes there’s a lot more to her impressions of this “sweetie granny from the Midwest” than just poking fun, explaining, “It’s a combination of the writers’ take on her but also this contrast between a woman so driven and hardened by her experiences … the juxtaposition.”

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All jokes aside, the actress is giving Clinton a full endorsement, saying, “She needs this! The country needs this!”

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