"That sort of eliminates a lot of the show," the actress said

By Jodi Guglielmi
December 08, 2020 12:26 PM

Kate Mara isn't trying to traumatize her parents.

Mara made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, when she revealed that she had to warn her parents about the many sex scenes in her new show, A Teacher.

"They want to be supportive and watch the show," she said. "I just told them they're going to have to fast-forward through some things. That sort of eliminates a lot of the show."

Given the amount of intimate scenes in the show, Mara admitted that it makes getting their honest reviews a bit more difficult.

"When I called them to ask them what they thought of the episode, they'll say things like, 'Yeah, we only had to fast-forward four times tonight,' " she said. "That leaves probably 10 minutes left of the show. It's complicated for them, I think."

Kate Mara, Kathleen McNulty Mara and Chris Mara
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In the new FX on Hulu series A Teacher, the 37-year-old actress plays Claire Wilson, a married English teacher who grooms and manipulates one of her high school students. Love, Simon actor Nick Robinson, 25, stars opposite Mara as the teen victim Eric Walker, exploring the impact he faces from the predatory relationship.

Given that the show tackles a controversial subject, Mara previously said that A Teacher was designed to be an "uncomfortable" viewing experience.

"Some people are definitely going to feel uncomfortable watching the show. It wasn’t something that we made thinking that it would be a super-easy watch," she told The Wrap. "Comfortable is not the word we were going for."

Nick Robinson and Kate Mara in A Teacher (2020)
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"I don’t think you normally see the story told from this perspective or this point of view. It was one of the reasons why I was excited to tell it," added Mara. "... And I think it’s because it isn’t something that people necessarily want to talk about. The fact that it’s a female doing the abuse and being the groomer and all of these things I think is also something that is rarely discussed."

A Teacher is now streaming on Hulu, with new episodes every Tuesday.

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