She admits in a sneak peek from TLC's Kate Plus Eight special that "it's not ideal" being a single mom to eight kids

By Abby Franklin
June 25, 2014 02:35 PM
Taylor Hill/Getty

Kate Gosselin looks like she has her life under control, but she wants the world to know it’s not easy being a single mom to eight kids.

“I’m one of many single moms out there. It’s not ideal. On a very busy day where the logistics aren’t lining up – I have to be here to pick this kid up and I have to be there to do whatever, that happens so often now I can’t even tell you,” she says in an exclusive sneak peek from TLC’s two-part Kate Plus Eight special, airing June 26 (10 p.m. ET).

“It’s really easy to feel like just saying, ‘It’s too much. There’s me and there’s eight kids,’ ” the 39-year-old continues. “I don’t think an hour goes by that I’m not reminded that those odds are completely unbalanced.”

Gosselin, who divorced husband Jon in 2009 after 10 years of marriage, says in an exclusive teaser from the show that like a lot of moms, her goal is simply to get through the day.

“It was never my intent to portray myself as superwoman,” the author of three New York Times best-sellers insists. “I mean, I cry behind closed doors, I struggle. But I have to remind myself, this is my one shot. You’re going to mess up. Just don’t give up.”

In a second clip from the special, the multi-tasker is making a birthday cake for her daughters with “2,000 lbs. of butter in it” and even though she is her own worst critic, Gosselin’s almost convinced herself it looks okay – until the family’s pet bird, Zorro, decides to fly over for a closer inspection.

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