By People Staff
Updated September 22, 2009 12:00 AM
Credit: Winslow/Meinelt/Splash News Online

Kate Gosselin spent a “long single-parent day” with her kids that began at an Amish produce farm and ended at a radiologist on Monday’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

“It feels very normal to be here by myself, to take care of the kids not with Jon but with a babysitter,” Kate, who is adjusting to life as a single mom, said during the episode, which she filmed without her soon-to-be ex-husband. “It’s starting to feel like the pity party is gone.”

The day started with a trip to “Henry’s garden,” a produce farm that Kate visited daily before moving to the family’s home in Wernersville, Pa. “He and his family are Amish. They are truly the first Amish family that I have known on a personal level,” Kate said of the owners.

Because of “issues with pictures, filming, being on camera,” Kate explained, “his only request was that his face not be shown.” But the cameras caught Kate and her kids scooping up watermelon, peppers, corn and other fresh veggies to make chicken cacciatore.

“I always have much appreciated the relationship I’ve had with Henry and Linda because they don’t have a TV,” Kate said as she loaded up her kids to take them home. “They have no idea who we are. They just know me as Kate that cooks from scratch.”

And that’s exactly what she did later that night. “It is pure joy when I can go to a produce stand and buy produce that has been picked that morning and it will land on my table that evening for dinner,” she said.

The kids explained it this way: “Jesus made it, Henry growed it, Mommy cooked it, and we ate it.”

After dinner, family game night was nearly interrupted when Kate’s daughter Cara had to have her foot checked out by a doctor. But a babysitter took her to the visit while Kate stayed home with seven children and played Gator Golf and Pictureka in the basement.

When the doctor called, Kate decided to take her daughter to a late-night visit to the radiologist. “Since it was still swollen, since it was still bruised, we should have it looked at via x-rays,” she said of her daughter’s foot.

Despite feeling “fatigued” after a long day with her kids, Kate decided to head to the radiologist that night. “My custody was coming to an end and I didn’t want to leave anything undone,” she explained. “As it turned out, we were fine and dandy but I was glad I got it taken care of.” –Aaron Parsley

Tell us: What did you think of the new episode? Did you miss seeing Jon with the kids? Would you have done the same thing for Cara? How’s your chicken cacciatore?Winslow/Meinelt/Splash News Online