Kate Gosselin Celebrates Twins Cara and Madelyn's 18th Birthday: 'You Will Thrive in Life'

The family celebrated the big day with homemade birthday cake and customized M&M candies

Happy birthday, Cara and Mady!

Kate Gosselin rang in her two eldest daughters’ 18th birthday on Monday with a sweet Instagram post.

“HAPPY 18th Birthday, Cara and Madelyn! There are no words to describe how proud I am of you both. Despite the many turbulent times you’ve had to deal with so far in life, you have emerged as wise, level headed, reasonable, forgiving, loving, kind and absolutely brilliant ADULTS!” she wrote. “I can say that I’ve poured endless love into you and fought tooth and nail for the best for you, but I cannot possibly take credit for the truly wonderful humans (adult humans!) you have become!”

“You will thrive in life, I am certain, and I will still be with you every step of the way going forward, continuing to guide you and love you,” she continued. “I love you both so very very much and I wish peace, happiness and the great successes I know are coming your way!”

The family celebrated the big day with birthday cake and customized M&M candies.

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Dad Jon Gosselin also wished the twins a happy birthday on social media with a straightforward message: “Happy 18 birthday!!! To my twin girls, Mady & Cara!!! Love, Dad,” he wrote.

Despite the birthday wishes, Jon remains estranged from the twins. In August 2016, Mady and Cara told PEOPLE that they weren’t speaking to their father, who had given interviews to some media outlets about their strained relationship.

“He makes it seem like we’re being kept from him, which is insane,” Mady said. “He should maybe spend some time thinking about why we don’t want to see him, and maybe realize that if he ever does want a relationship with us, talking about us on TV is not the way to make that happen.”

“He doesn’t even know us,” she added. “How can he dare to talk about us?”

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It’s been a milestone year for the twins, who, along with turning 18, also recently entered their senior year of high school.

“Happy 1st day of senior year! I love you sooo much! I’m so P.R.O.U.D. of you! Love, Mommy,” Kate wrote in a sweet note to the two in late August, which she shared with fans on Instagram.

The proud mom also shared a photo of Mady and Cara standing alongside their sextuplet siblings on their first day of eighth grade.

“This was yesterday! Feels like school never ended…and they’re already back! #SeniorYear #EighthGrade,” she captioned the smiling photo of the twins and 14-year-old Aaden, Alexis, Leah and Joel.

Missing from the photo is son Collin, 14, who is currently enrolled in a program away from home to help him reach his full potential, and daughter Hannah, also 14. Jon previously claimed on Instagram Live that Hannah is living under his roof full-time.

This fall, Kate is set to return to TV with a TLC series documenting her love life, Kate Plus Date.

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