On May 10, Gosselin's sextuplets — Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Leah and Joel — will turn 13


Kate Gosselin‘s sextuplets may soon be teenagers, but she vividly remembers when her babies still fit in the palm of her hands.

On Wednesday, May 10, Gosselin’s six youngest children — Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Leah and Joel — will enter their teen years. A day before their 13th birthday, the Kate Plus 8 star shared a sweet photo to Instagram on Tuesday, in which she revealed the bedside memento that she brought home from the hospital after they were born.

“Sitting in my room with the kids… thinking back to almost 13 years ago. I pulled out this extra small preemie diaper from the NICU,” Gosselin, who is also mother to 16-year-old twins Mady and Cara, wrote about the teeny-tiny diaper that she held in one hand.

“I’ve kept it in my bedside table drawer, wherever we moved…to always remind me of how far we’ve come!!” she continued. “The kids were awed! 😍 #Almost13 #Preemies #TwentyNineAndFive #TwoAndThreePounds.”

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Last year, PEOPLE caught up with the Kate Plus 8 matriarch, and how she juggles a house full of preteens and teenagers.

When she looks back on her early years with the sextuplets, two things come to mind: six car seats — and getting all eight kids bundled up in those snowsuits.

“I remember the snowsuits!” Gosselin recalled. “By the time you got the last one done, the first few were screaming because they were sweating to death. It was just such a stress to get them out the door. To buckle that many in, all bundled up — it took forever.”

“Logistics, exhaustions, no sleep, a nightmare,” she added. “I always say: I can’t believe I made it through that first year.”