Kate Gosselin Shares Photo of Her 'Beautiful Little Girls' Ahead of Their 14th Birthday

On May 10, Kate Gosselin's sextuplets will turn 14

Kate Gosselin‘s kids are growing up!

In less than a week, the mother of eight’s sextuplets — Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Leah and Joel — will turn 14. But no matter how big they get, the Kate Plus 8 star assures that her youngest children will “always be” her babies.

Gosselin, 43, shared a snap of her three youngest daughters — Alexis, Hananh and Leah — to Instagram at the end of April, just a few weeks before their 14th birthday on May 10.

“My beautiful ‘little girls’ …. they keep reminding me how many days until they turn 14. Today it was ’12 days til we turn 14, Mom.’ HOW’S THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!” Gosselin wrote in the caption of the image, in which the young teens are dressed up.

“I told Leah that she’s too small to turn 14. She said ‘Yeah, true. Are you sure I’m not turning 11 or 12?’ 😂😂I’m positive. I gave birth to you,” continued Gosselin. “They’ll always be my babies….I love them so very much! ♥♥♥”

Now that her kids are getting older — twins Mady and Cara, both 17, will go off to college in the fall of 2019 — Gosselin is open to the possibility of finding love once again.

More than eights years after finalizing her divorce from Jon Gosselin in 2009, the reality star is getting back into the dating scene with her new TLC series Kate Plus Date.

“I started picturing myself sitting in a rocking chair, knitting, and words like ‘old maid’ and ‘spinster’ started to come to mind, and I realized that no, I don’t want that to be my fate,” she told PEOPLE exclusively in April.

Though Gosselin said her life is “very complicated,” she doesn’t want that to hold her back.

“If I’m going to date someone, I can’t just go out on a date — it’s creepy to me to think of just going out somewhere with some stranger, and so I actually feel like doing it like this is the best and safest way for me to go on a date — a camera crew will be there! I’ll be safe!” she said. “And the person will have been vetted by a matchmaker.”

When it comes to what she’s looking for in a match, Gosselin said she’s “open.”

“I do want someone with a set career, who is confident. A grown-up with their own life, their own agenda, who knows who they are. If someone travels for work, that would be great, because I’m used to being on my own and being self-sufficient,” she said.

Kate Plus Date is coming to TLC this fall.

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