The TLC star is able to parasail with some words of encouragement from her son

By Brianne Tracy
December 26, 2016 10:00 AM

Any mother of 8 has to be prone to having some meltdowns. Throw in some parasails, though, and it’s taken to a whole new level.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday night’s episode of Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin agrees to go parasailing with her kids — but not without a lot convincing and shedding a few tears first.

“Can I choose the height? And you’ll stick to it no matter what they say?” Kate, 41, nervously asks.

While being strapped in to the hooks of the parasail, the TLC star then bursts into tears and says, “I really don’t want to do this.”

“I’m just sitting on that boat sobbing because I so wanted to do it and I was so afraid,” Kate explains. “That was like true fear.”

With the help of some words of encouragement from her kids, and especially her son Aaden, 12, Kate faces her fears and decides she’ll join in on the parasailing fun.

As Kate and her two kids are lifted into the air, she starts panicking and crying again. Aaden can be heard next to her telling her to “relax.”

“I had to tell her ‘It’s okay’ and ‘We’re not going to die,’ ” Aaden says of having to help his mom calm down.

Aaden also tries to help Kate by pointing out the beautiful view that they could see from above.

“I did get a chance to look around but in my mind, my safety-self says, ‘Well you’re just suspended by a couple of clips and if you land in the water, you can’t swim really,’ ” Kate says. “I’m sure I could survive but whatever.”

She adds: “I’m pleasant, aren’t I?”

Luckily, Kate lands back safely on the boat with everything intact— except maybe her pride.

Kate Plus 8 airs Tuesdays (10 p.m. ET) on TLC.