Kate Gosselin and Her 8: Where Are They Now?

From diapers to divorce drama, a look back at how one mom and her eight kids changed reality TV

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More than a decade has passed since a documentary special introduced viewers to pediatric nurse Kate Gosselin (with seven of her her eight children, clock­wise from top left: Joel, Aaden, Cara, Alexis, Leah, Hannah and Mady) and her husband Jon, an IT specialist, and their eight kids — twins and sextuplets. In the subsequent 10 years, even those who weren't diehard viewers learned what transpired as the disintegration of Jon and Kate’s marriage and Kate’s determination to forge ahead as a single mom played out for public consumption on the now-titled Kate Plus 8. The latest season debuts July 10 on TLC and focuses on the sextuplets' 13th birthdays. Here, Kate reflects on some of the more pivotal moments.

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Jon and Kate Gosselin

"Logistics, no sleep, a nightmare," Kate recalls bringing home her newborn sextuplets. "By the time you got the last one bundled up to go out, the first ones were screaming because they were sweating to death!"

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"I was mostly on my own — Mady and Cara were in kindergarten, Jon worked full-time. I was basically housebound, but it was also the most control I've ever really had, because it was like I was running a daycare. I was basically a shut-in ... with plenty of company!"

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Kate and Jon renewed their vows after their ninth anniversary; roughly one year later, they split amidt a tabloid frenzy. "In terms of my life with him, I look at him honestly as two different people. He was once really there, really involved. I can remember those good days without any jaded ugliness."

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The announcement of the split was made on an episode of the show. Says Kate: "My utmost concern has always been what my kids would see and hear. It was about us having the ability to tell it from our point of view, on our show, rather than having the tabloids do it for us. Contrary to what others might say, I think it was dealt with very sensitively."

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Shortly before the split became official, Kate and Jon celebrated the sextuplets’ 5th birthday. "I insisted upon that photo, because I knew it would be our last family photo ever. I wanted it for the kids. It’s hard for me to look at, but I think that was also one of the first times I felt sure we'd be okay. I wasn't sure how, and I was scared, but I still knew it'd be okay."

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Kate revealed in November 2016 that Collin, then 12, had been staying at a live-in treatment facility so that he could get necessary attention for his unique learning needs. "I don’t know what the road ahead entails, but I'm very happy with the care that he's getting and am still completely comforted by the fact that he is so clearly exactly where he needs to be, getting precisely what he needs — it comforts me as a mother because when you, as a mom, can’t give your kids what they need, it is a huge comfort to find people who can."

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Kate has never stopped marveling at how her brood has grown: "In terms of their maturity, the way they'll talk to me, their abilities now — it is mind-blowing." And as to whether she'd be open to keep her life in front of the cameras moving ahead? "I feel honored that people are invested in the lives of my children and in what their future might hold. I feel honored that we've been treated by our viewers like family, and so if they want to see my future family with random dogs and birds and lots of visits to random colleges, I'm happy to do it!"

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