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The season’s not over yet, but Kate Flannery is ready to dish some Office gossip.

“We had a wrap party on the Santa Monica Pier, which was really fun,” Flannery, who plays Meredith Palmer, told PEOPLE at Thursday’s Lupus L.A. Orange Ball in Beverly Hills.

The NBC show just wrapped its fourth season, though the finale is yet to air.

“Everybody brought their families. I left with a ton of stuffed animals … and got a little sick on the roller coaster, but it was worth it.

“You can’t drink and ride the roller coaster, I learned,” Flannery says, smiling. “I think they’re still looking for Creed Bratton, he may have jumped into the ocean, just right off the pier.”

It turns out one main Office star will be leaving after this season -… though details are secret as to which one. Who’s NOT a likely candidate for Office downsizing? Leatherheads star John Krasinski.

“There couldn’t be a show without John Krasinski,” Flannery says. “Jim and Pam? Come on!”

Meantime, another Office star, Angela Kinsey, is prepping to give birth in real life.

Flannery reports, “Angela is about to have her baby any minute now … even as we speak.” — Nicholas White

Michael Bezjian/WireImage