Brian Flannery/Flynet
October 06, 2009 12:00 AM

As Jon and Kate Gosselin‘s he-said-she-said heated up on Monday, a new episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 focused on a more mundane task: cleaning out the basement of the family’s home in Wernersville, Pa.

“In a cluttered world, my mind is cluttered,” Kate said, standing off the set in her basement where she tapes her confessionals on a couch for the show. “When there is clutter, my eyes go to it and it drives me crazy. I can’t stand clutter.” The other part of the basement was her family’s “dumping ground.”

Without any sign of Jon — save for items that ended up in a box with his name on it — Kate hired a pair of professional organizers to help her accomplish her goal.

“I just wanted to get everything pulled out of boxes, organized into categories and then I wanted shelves up to display everything so that everything was up off the ground and there was floor space,” she said. They had two days to finish the task.

Kate’s best friend Jamie came in from Michigan to help with the chore. “I needed moral support and help and company,” Kate said. “I wish she could live here. We make a good team.”

Meanwhile, the Gosselin children played upstairs with a babysitter and came down periodicaly to rediscover long-lost treasures like Hannah‘s kitty stuffed animal, Alexis‘s doll and a penguin costume.

Kate also made exciting discoveries, both old and new. “I think I’ve waited my whole life for my true love, the label maker,” she said as she printed out labels for boxes and her new shelves.

At one point, Kate found a calendar from her twins’ first year. She used it to document milestones like their first teeth coming in and learning to stand. “We had two kids. Can you tell? I took all that time,” Kate said, amazed with former, more organized self.

Compared the increasingly messy divorce the family is weathering, the episode’s drama was mild: Kate had a deadline in order to make time to take twins Mady and Cara to a Jonas Brothers concert later that night, which she did.

“The worst fear is that it got started and did not get finished,” Kate said. “I need a start and completion to everything.” –Aaron ParsleyBrian Flannery/Flynet

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