Kat Dennings on Trying to Dye Her Hair with Coffee (VIDEO)

The actress got the idea – as one does – on Pinterest


Kat Dennings only plays a broke girl on TV (in, ah, 2 Broke Girls), but that hasn’t stopped her from at least trying some low-budget moves in real life – like dyeing her hair with coffee.

As she told Jimmy Fallon Monday night, it didn’t work out that well.

The coffee went “right through my pores,” Dennings said of her attempt to dye her hair with six packs of Italian roast. That resulted in a pretty serious caffeine rush, as well as the lingering odor of fresh coffee emanating from the CBS star.

And because her hair is already naturally brown, Dennings added, she went through all that heartache for nothing. Dennings noted that she found the “recipe” on Pinterest; maybe next time she should just try leaving things to the professionals?

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