Kary Brittingham Accuses LeeAnne Locken of 'Ruining' Her Girls Night After Showing Up Unannounced

"I'm not offended but I don't respect showing up unannounced and ruining my girls night out," Kary Brittingham told LeeAnn Locken

LeeAnne Locken is stirring the pot.

During Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas, Locken ⁠showed up unannounced to Kary Brittingham’s “girls’ night out” — and Brittingham wasn’t exactly thrilled.

After Kameron Westcott arrived to the cocktail hour with Locken and Cary Deuber in tow, who were both not invited, Brittingham was quick to call it out.

“The last person I would think that would bring somebody uninvited would be Kameron because she’s so big on etiquette,” she told cameras. “It’s very disappointing.”

“It’s really odd because at my bachelorette party you said to me, ‘Why did you invite me because we’re new friends?’ ” Locken asked.

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“How would you feel if I showed up at your shower, or your reception or a place you did not invite me,” Brittingham responded. “Would you have liked for D’Andra to show up uninvited somewhere?”

“I have a girls night out. I want to invite the girls that are fun,” Brittingham told cameras. “I definitely don’t want anyone being negative.”

Locken then asked, “Are you offended that we’re here right now?”

While Brittingham said, “I’m not offended,” she did admit: “I don’t respect showing up unannounced and ruining my girls night out.”

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During last week’s episode, Locken was caught in another tiff with Brittingham when she was forced to explain why on-off friend D’Andra Simmons wasn’t invited to a gathering.

After Brittingham approached Locken and asked why Simmons wasn’t in attendance, Locken responded, “I’m waiting for her to reach out to me.”

“But she’s already apologized and apologized,” Brittingham said. “Be the big person, and invite her to the next invite.”

“I’ve always been the big person with D’Andra,” Locken responded. “I’m waiting for her. It took a lot of courage to talk s— about Rich.”

Brittingham then asked Locken if she planned to move forward from her ongoing feud with Simmons.

“The one thing she didn’t have courage is to come to me and say I miss you as a friend,” Locken said. “Actions speak louder than words.”

“Everybody at this party agrees that I’ve reached out and it’s D’Andra’s turn to step up, grow up and be an adult,” she added.

Real Housewives of Dallas airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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