The former Dancing with the Stars pro springs into action after witnessing what she thought was a medical emergency

By Tim Nudd
Updated April 23, 2015 08:40 AM
David Livingston/Getty

When Karina Smirnoff said she wanted to try new things this year, we didn’t think she meant emergency medical care.

But the former Dancing with the Stars pro sprang into action Wednesday night after witnessing what she thought was a man having a stroke at an Umami Burger in Los Angeles – though it turned out to be a different kind of problem.

The Ukrainian-born dancer, 37, told the whole story on Instagram, explaining that she was quietly enjoying her dinner and “minding my business” when “a man walked in who appeared to be having a stroke.”

She told the restaurant to call 911 and quickly Googled what to do when someone is having a stroke.

“I immediately started following the guidelines, and one of the symptoms was ‘someone who is having a stroke might appear extremely intoxicated and drunk,’ ” she wrote. “I grabbed his hand and asked him to squeeze it, and told him to stay with me and asked his name to make sure he stayed conscious.”

She added: “As the paramedics arrived he lost consciousness. His hands were bleeding and now my hand was covered in his blood. They thoroughly examined him and came to a conclusion that my diagnosis was wrong and he was after all just a drunk man who appeared to be having a stroke. And the guys then had to attend to my hands. Hahahaha!”

She posted some photos of the experience, including posing with the LAPD officers who responded to the incident.

She’s always been a great dancer. Clearly she’s a good Samaritan, too.

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