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It's the 25 Days of Christmas, KarJenner-style

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Kardashian Christmas Card TeasesCredit: Eli Russell Linnetz
Eli Russell Linnetz

The Kardashian-Jenner crew is expanding their annual, cheer-spreading Christmas card to cover an entire month — and keeping fans guessing with daily sneak peeks.

Since the start of the month, Kim Kardashian West and the photographer behind the card — Eli Linnetz — have been sharing images from the shoot on social media, much like an advent calendar. Linnetz wrote on Instagram that the series is titled, The 25 Days of Xmas.

On Dec. 1, Kim posted the first image: a photo of son Saint, 2, in denim jeans as he posed by neatly wrapped brown presents with white ribbon. It’s the toddler’s first holiday card, as he was only a few weeks old when sister North and cousins Penelope, Mason and Reign Disick starred in the 2015 photo wearing coordinating chic black outfits. (The family opted to not release a card in 2016.)

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Kardashian Christmas Card TeasesCredit: Eli Russell Linnetz
Eli Russell Linnetz

Kim's daughter North, 4, was the star of day two, caught in a cute moment of looking up at her mom.

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Kardashian Christmas Card TeasesCredit: Eli Russell Linnetz
Eli Russell Linnetz

Dec. 3 belonged to 2-year-old Reign, the youngest child of Kourtney Kardashian and her former boyfriend Scott Disick.

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Kardashian Christmas Card TeasesCredit: Eli Russell Linnetz
Eli Russell Linnetz

North and her mama made second appearances in the card on day four.

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Kardashian Christmas Card TeasesCredit: Eli Russell Linnetz
Eli Russell Linnetz

The perfect way to celebrate Saint's 2nd birthday? By revealing his latest card panel on Dec. 5!

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Kardashian Christmas Card TeasesCredit: Eli Russell Linnetz
Eli Russell Linnetz

Day 6 belonged to Kourtney — and all three of her minis! On Dec. 6, Kim revealed a snap of the oldest Kardashian sister, 38, surrounded by Reign Aston, 3 this month, 5-year-old Penelope Scotland and Mason Dash, 8 this month.

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Kardashian Christmas Card TeasesCredit: Eli Russell Linnetz
Eli Russell Linnetz

Shot from a distance, the tile revealed on Dec. 7 appeared to show a peek at Kim and North cuddled up on the floor.

Kim organized 2017’s shoot, she revealed during her November appearance on The Late Late Show.

“This year’s Christmas card is shot really casually. We’re kind of doing jeans and T-shirts vibe. Really cute. All the kids and so hard to put together,” she said. “It’s women and children this year.”

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Eli Russell Linnetz

It was again a North and Saint day, with the kiddos coming together for the first time — and cuddling up to mom. (Plus: Is that grandma Mary Jo Campbell in the background?)

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Eli Russell Linnetz

Mason made his second appearance — alongside cousin Dream, Rob Kardashian's 13-month-old daughter with ex Blac Chyna.

The photo marks Dream's first-ever KarJenner card appearance.

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DAY 10


Penelope is back! The 5-year-old cutie lounged on the floor, solo, in the tenth photo in the countdown.

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DAY 11


Kim made her return to the countdown on day 11 — this time with husband Kanye West by her side, although neither's face is visible in the cropped shot.

West's appearance also means that Kim's earlier comment that only KarJenner women and children would appear in the card might have been misleading.

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DAY 12

Eli Russell Linnetz

A Jenner has finally graced the countdown! Kendall Jenner, 22, put her modeling skills to work in day 12's photo.

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DAY 13 Eli Russell Linnetz
Eli Russell Linnetz

Day 13 was, thus far, the most populated teaser yet, with nine family members making an appearance.

In addition to Kourtney's sons Mason and Reign, North returned with brother Saint and mom Kim. Rob's daughter Dream was also back, in the arms of Khloé Kardashian — who was, perhaps, practicing for when her own new addition arrives?

Matriarch Kris Jenner and her own mother, Mary Jo, also joined the krew.

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DAY 14

Kardashian Christmas card teasesCredit: Eli Russell Linnetz
Eli Russell Linnetz

On Day 14, the Disick boys stole the show for their birthday, alongside mom Kourtney: Mason turned 8, and Reign turned 3.

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DAY 15

Eli Russell Linnetz

With 10 days left, we were graced with another shot of Kim, her baby boy Saint and a flash of husband Kanye.

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DAY 16


The gang's all here! This shot featured the first full-body photo of Kanye as he held onto son Saint's hand. With Kim and North also appearing in the photo, it also marks the first nuclear family photo in the advent countdown.

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DAY 17

Eli Russell Linnetz

In this adorable shot, grandma Kris was seen playing and laughing with Rob and Blac Chyna's daughter Dream while pregnant Khloé looked on. Kris' mom MJ sat on a chair in the background as well.

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DAY 18

Eli Russell Linnetz

Kanye smiles! Still the only KarJenner beau to be seen in this year's shot, the proud pop gave daughter North a lift to kick off the final week of teasers.

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DAY 19

Eli Russell Linnetz

It was as many people as we've seen at once: all of the kiddos except Saint, the three eldest Kardashian sisters, mom Kris and grandma MJ.

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DAY 20

Eli Russell Linnetz

Another family closeup showed (from left) Kim, Saint, Kris, smiling grandma MJ, Khloé (but where's the bump?!) and Dream.

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DAY 21


It might as well have been their family Christmas card: Kim and Kanye posed prettily with their children, North and Saint.

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DAY 22

Eli Russell Linnetz

"MY BOYS," read Kim's simple caption on the Dec. 22 pic, a shot of a smiling Kanye lifting Saint into the air.

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DAY 23

Eli Russell Linnetz

Where's Kanye? After several photos showing the Grammy-winning rapper, the Kardashian-Jenners decided to roll out a larger group shot featuring the moms, kids and (great-)grandmothers of their famous clan.

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DAY 24

Eli Russell Linnetz

With only one day to go, Kendall returned to the countdown, joining all the women and children for a group photo — save for Reign and pregnant Kylie Jenner, however, who has been conspiculously absent.

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DAY 25

Kardashian Christmas
Eli Russell Linnetz

Merry Christmas! On the final day, all the family members — except for pregnant Kylie and Kanye — assembled near the tree.

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