August 27, 2018 09:39 AM

When it comes to marking special occasions, the Kardashian-Jenners are pretty much professionals. But while they might be known for their lavish, expensive gifts and epic, over-the-top parties, their favorite way to celebrate is by flaunting their best assets.

For proof, we have compiled a list of occasions and accomplishments that the family has marked by, well, showing off their butts.

Ariana Grande’s Sweetener album:

A new perfume:

A new thong bikini:

A birthday trip to Puerto Rico:

A birthday trip to Iceland:

Having your own merch:

Shooting a video for a magazine:

A new bikini:

Standing in a field:

Waking up in the morning:

Still being on your birthday trip in Puerto Rico:

Landing a major fashion campaign:

Wearing matching bathing suits:

Going up some stairs:

Putting on some makeup:

Wearing braids:

Breaking the internet:

A relaxing family vacation:

Some new jeans:

Walking home:

Loving your post-baby bod:

Getting a new car:

Getting a fake tattoo:

Hanging out with Andy Cohen:

Enjoying a tropical view:

Reaching 27 million followers (and counting):

Bonding with family:

Finding time to squeeze in a quick nap:

Sharing a pool chair:

Sundays (and really, any days):

Catching up with a friend:

Having pants holes:

A full moon:

Having a drink:

Ringing in a friend’s birthday:

Going for the gold (tan):

Building sand castles:

Sporting a bright wig:

Eating a snack:

Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Checking out the views:

Taking a power nap:


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