The new season of Queer Eye began filming in Austin, Texas, shortly before lockdown happened
Queer Eye Season 5
Queer Eye
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The Fab Five is ready to come out of quarantine.

Karamo Brown recently said that season 6 of Queer Eye will tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, as he joined his fellow Fab Five members Bobby Berk, Tan France, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness for a virtual chat with Deadline.

Filming on season 6 began in Austin, Texas, shortly before lockdown happened. "We are not going to shy away from Covid and the reality of what's happening and how it's affecting people," Brown, 40, said of the upcoming season.

"We're going to be practicing the move where all four boys are going to pick me up as I careen towards them for a new opening sequence," Van Ness, 34, joked about what's to come. "It's Dirty Dancing. Then, they throw me up and Karamo catches me. It's really gorgeous and we're really excited for that choreo sequence."

Meanwhile, Berk, 39, discussed season 5's Philadelphia episodes, which dropped on Netflix in June 2020. "It felt really good to kind of give everybody that virtual hug and give them that warmth and love and connection that for the last year we were all missing," he said.

They also reflected on some of their favorite season 5 "heroes," which is what the show's participants are referred to. "Gen Z has had a broken planet handed to them," Porowski, 37, said, referring to one teenage environmental activist they featured. "To see how that was affecting her ... was eye-opening and a lesson for all of us."

The reboot has come a long way since premiering in 2018, as Brown noted. "We have all gotten stronger and better," he said. "I remember season 1 when we were all, like, 'Okay are we going to do this?' We were bumping into each other. We knew what we were saying, but we'd also kind of pull back. Now, we're secure, we're sure of it."

"After all these seasons, there's this really natural flow," France added. "We know each other so well, so we know whether to move forward or pull back."

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Brown gave PEOPLE an update on the show last August, after filming was halted, just one episode in. "I think our network did a really great job of seeing it for what it was and making sure that we were safe way before the news had said things need to shut down," he said.

"But they're excited for us to go back," Brown added. "They've given us notice on Monday that Queer Eye is coming back, [saying,] 'Don't worry guys. We're just figuring out how to do it safely and at the right time.'"