May 01, 2009 12:00 AM

Though she’s only appeared on one season of American Idol, judge Kara DioGuardi says it may be her last.

“I’m only here for one season,” DioGuardi told TV Guide Magazine. “That’s what we’ve discussed. So we’ll see what happens.”

Still, the songwriter has nothing but positive things to say about the show, and is hopeful that they’ll keep her on in the future.

“My life has become extremely exciting and I am so excited for this opportunity,” she says. “I feel grateful to America that they let me grow and they let me find my groove on the show and that they were patient. And hopefully I haven’t disappointed them. It’s been a scary experience at times.”

Fellow judge Simon Cowell told the magazine that he thought that she’d be back, but admitted he wasn’t sure.

“The only say I have is about Ryan, Randy and Paula,” he said. “I’ve always made it clear that I wouldn’t like to do the show without them. So that’s all I’m really concerned about.”

For now, DioGuardi, who has more than 100 hit singles to her name, has more pressing things to think about: whether the song she wrote for the winner to sing will be picked! –Lesley Messer

Tell us: Would you like to see Kara back next season?

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