Spoiler alert: Kanye West made it to Hollywood

It’s Yeezy season!

Ever since Kanye West staged a surprise American Idol audition in October, fans have eagerly awaited official footage of the golden ticket-worthy performance. Well, it’s finally here!

In a clip from Monday night, West graced judges (Harry Connick Jr., Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban) with an original song. “It has one of the judges’ names in it so,” he said.

The rapper gave a brief introduction: “My name is Kanye. I’m from the south side of Chicago originally a producer. I always wanted to rap and nobody really believed in me.”

The hosts chimed in: “I hope that works out” and “good luck with all that.”

Harry Connick Jr. Takes Us Inside Kanye West’s Idol Audition

West then gave us serious 2005 nostalgia by launching “Gold Digger” in a performance packed with expletives and a Lopez name drop.

In the end, the smiling judges handed over a ticket to Hollywood to an excited West.

West’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, stood outside the room, cheering her husband on, along with host Ryan Seacrest, who facetiously noted that West’s audition “could go either way.”