'SNL' 's Kyle Mooney Challenges West to a Hilarious Rap Battle: 'I Just Destroyed Kanye'

"I just destroyed Kanye in a rap battle, and now he's probably really sad"

Photo: Saturday Night Live

“I just destroyed Kanye in a rap battle, and now he’s probably really sad.”

Yep: That’s how this weekend’s Saturday Night Live‘s Kanye West skit ended – by pitting the outspoken hip-hop star against the cast member Kyle Mooney, who America at home may or may not remember as “the one with glasses.”

Of course Mooney, self-described-destroyer-of-Ye, was also a little … out of touch with reality during the whole affair.

But so confident! The four-minute clip followed prep for the freestyle rap battle, as Mooney filled in the audience on his hip-hop dreams and street cred.

How he learned to break-dance at 15. How, up until this moment, people watching him on SNL probably thought, There’s a heartthrob (who’s on the rise, maybe).

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Let’s not spoil who actually won the hallway contest.

Let’s just leave you with another of Mooney’s, ummm, reviews of himself: “I was good! – like really, really, really, really, really, really, really good.”

(The words “Kanye” and “Twitter” were never mentioned in the same sentence.)

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