Kandi Burruss and Shereé Whitfield suffer no fools on The Real Housewives of Atlanta — and wasted no time putting their baby daddies in their place
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Kandi Burruss and Shereé Whitfield suffer no fools on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. So when their respective baby daddies tried to step to them on Sunday’s all new episode, the Atlanta Housewives wasted no time putting them in their place.

For Burruss, 40, that meant reminding ex Russell “Block” Spencer that his own actions had caused their daughter, Riley Burruss, to push away from him.

The two had a tense phone conversation — which began when Spencer called Kandi after years of not speaking, telling her he was trying to mend fences.

“I’m tryin’ make up with you, see what I’m saying, so I can see Riley,” he said. “I just need to sit down with you too. Like, I just don’t want no bad blood going on so we can co-parent the right way. How can we start over?”

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Kandi wasn’t incredibly open to Spencer’s sudden suggestion of wanting to be involved in Riley’s life — especially after his history of not showing up for Riley when he said he would. “How do you co-parent a kid that’s almost 14 years old? That you’ve never co-parented? No. It doesn’t work like that,” she told viewers in a confessional.

She told Spencer to direct his desire for a relationship with Riley to Riley herself. “At this point, Riley is old enough to say whether or not she really wants to have a relationship with her dad,” she explained earlier in the episode. “Right now, she ain’t feeling it. So I ain’t going to push and I’m not going to diss the relationship.”

But Spencer told Burruss his attempts to contact Riley had gone unanswered. “I’ve been calling y’all — y’all ain’t been calling me back,” he said. “I’m not about to chase y’all to communicate with me. I’m not chasing nobody, you understand what I’m saying?”

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That comment set Burruss off. “Had you been doing what you supposed to do, you wouldn’t have to chase nobody,” she shouted back, through tears. “You irritate me how every other year you said ‘Oh I’m gonna do better,’ and every time you do the same s—. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of you doing that s— over and over.”

“Why he tryin’ play like he don’t know why I have an attitude?” she asked her mother, Mama Joyce, afterwards. “He’s going to be sit here and talk about how he’s gonna call me?… That man don’t call me. He doesn’t call Riley… And then he says dumb s— like, ‘Well I ain’t gonna be chasing you or Riley.’ Don’t tell me you not going to be chasing my child. You should chase her.”

Mama Joyce’s anger with Spencer seemed to be focused on the fact that he hadn’t been paying child support. “I would have said to him, did you bring a check? You know he owes pretty close to $50,000!” she told Kandi.

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But Kandi wasn’t worried about money — despite knowing that the successful music industry vet could pay his dues. “As his father, he should do his part,” she said. “It ain’t that much because he lied about how much money he had in court so whatever. But now he don’t even pay that. It’s like, come on, dog — what is the problem?”

Whitfield had similar financial struggles with her ex, Bob Whitfield. The two officially divorced in 2007 after 7 years of marriage and 14 years together. But despite being court-ordered to maintain Shereé’s mortgage, household expenses and child support — Bob did not.

They’re in a good place now, co-parenting after 9 years of battling and legal squabbles. But Shereé said Bob has never said he’s sorry for the “bad place” he took her to during their split.

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“Bob has never apologized for the infidelity as well as abandoning the family,” she explained. “I really hope he is able to take accountability because I am enjoying spending time with him and who knows what will happen.”

She held Bob to that during a dinner meeting. “How can we move forward if you haven’t even apologized or owned up to the things you did before?” she asked Bob. “How can I trust you?”

“My behavior back in the day, I pushed it so far in the closet it’s like, I don’t want to bring it back up,” Bob explained. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry if I ever made you feel like I put someone else ahead of you.”

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“‘I’m sorry for the extramarital affairs,” he continued. “I did do some mean stuff. And sorry for subjecting you to an immature man, not ready to be a father for the children.”

Bob promised that his apology wouldn’t be a one-off. “This is just the starting point,” he said. “I just want you as a friend. I feel like I still have a little something to prove to you because you might be leery.”

It was an important moment for Shereé. “I thank him for acknowledging the hurt that he’s caused,” she admitted. “It’s been long overdue.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.