Kandi Burruss Claims Porsha Williams Tried to Have Sex with Her in the Most Outrageous 'RHOA' Episode Yet

While viewers may have thought they'd seen everything on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, what happened between Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams on Sunday might take the cake

Over the course of its 11 years on television, Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise has consistently raised the bar when it comes to outrageous moments. Whether they’re flipping tables, pulling wigs or throwing legs, the 97 Housewives across all nine U.S. shows haven’t been afraid to expose their over-the-top behavior for the camera.

But while viewers may have thought they’d seen everything, what happened between Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams on Sunday’s all-new Real Housewives of Atlanta might take the cake.

In a heated argument between the two, Burruss, 40, and Williams, 35, threw out major accusations about each other’s sexual past — including one late-night dance-floor make out session the reality stars shared together.

The kiss allegedly got so hot that Williams allegedly offered to have sex with Burruss. (Suddenly that time Tamra Barney tossed a glass of wine in Jeana Keough’s face on The Real Houswives of Orange County seems tame, huh?)

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It all started during a group glamping trip, when it was brought to Burruss’ attention that Williams had gossiped about her being a closeted lesbian. Though the Grammy winner admitted that she had dipped in the lady pond before, Williams remained mum about her sexual past — explaining that it was her “personal business.”

Back at home, Burruss didn’t waste time telling her husband Todd Tucker and their “Kandi Koated Klique” about the hypocrisy and recounting the sexual proposition Williams had allegedly made.

Burruss theorized that only “a person who is not new to being with a woman” would get into as graphic detail as Williams reportedly got into. “A regular person who has just tried it one time wouldn’t say something like that,” Burruss said.

“Everybody knows that she hooks up with girls from time to time,” Burruss added. “I know it, she knows it, she knows I know it. Baby girl — we in the same boat together. It’s like she and I have shared a secret that nobody else knew. I’ve never said anything, not even to my closest friends. But you only want to tell one part of the secret?”

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For her part, Williams denied ever offering to have sex when Burruss recounted the claim to her later in the episode. (And in details that are frankly too explicit for us to run.)

“All of that is a lie. If I did like a bitch, you not my type — believe that,” Williams continued. “I’m not into tea cups, short and stout, bitch.”

“You can deny it if you want to,” Burruss snapped back. “You tongue-kissed me in my mouth.”

Asked why she had started the lesbian gossip, Williams explained that she never expected the shade she threw to carry any weight. She was also frustrated that Burruss had been spreading rumors about her sexual history with Russell “Block” Spencer (who happens to be Burruss’ ex and baby daddy, for those keeping track).

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“At the end of the day, the way I know is because you told me you had sex with him,” Burruss claimed. “If you just own your s— you wouldn’t be up here tryin’ put me on blast. Don’t sit up here and try to throw it up on me… I know cause you told me!”

“It ain’t no secret I had hooked up with a chick before,” Burruss added. “It ain’t never been a secret. I don’t live my life like that — you do. You done been with chicks before an’ all that.”

Williams wasted no time throwing more mud — accusing Burruss and Tucker of having threesomes with other women in their alleged sex dungeon.

“If I’m single and I if that’s what I choose to do, that’s one thing,” Williams said. “But if I’m married and I choose to bring other women and flip-flop them in my bed like pancakes, that’s different.”

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While Burruss admitted to only having a threesome with her husband one time, she denied owning a sex dungeon.

“I would love to show you my house — you done made that up to make yourself feel good,” she said. “Now you know damn well if I had a sex dungeon I would tell everybody. Because I think it’s actually cool.”

But Williams wasn’t done. She then accused Burruss of having been in a romantic relationship with a woman for seven years. “I’ll give you her information because you need to call her,” Williams said. “Because this girl is literally telling people that you were in a full-blown relationship with her and that you ended it abruptly when people found out.”

Burruss denied the claim. “Hold up, I’m sorry — roll back, what? I have never had a relationship with no woman. I never. N-e-v-er!”

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Williams persisted. “It’s not a secret of what you’ve done back in the day with all these R&B groups you’ve slept with,” Williams claimed. “You is a freak-ho. You really need to own up to something. …Your house is the International House of Hos and you know it!”

She then upped the anti, claiming that Tucker had been unfaithful to Burruss.

“You like the fact that your husband has other chicks that he goes with in different states?” Williams asked. “You like that? So you think you’re only sharing your room? As a matter a fact, why don’t you call Todd and ask him about what he just told a girl in New York this past weekend. Telling her his name is Marvin so he can cheat. Marvin — his alias. That’s what you need to worry about.”

None of Williams’ accusations seemed to affect Burruss, who dismissed Williams on the way out by telling her to “have some real information next time.” But whatever happens next, it’s sure going to be hard for any Housewives episode to top the outrageous factor of what RHOA brought on Sunday.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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