Kaitlyn Bristowe Makes Her Country Music Debut with New Song 'If I'm Being Honest'

Kaitlyn Bristowe says she finished the song over a year ago, but she was too "afraid" and "insecure" to release it

Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic.

Kaitlyn Bristowe can now add "singer" to her already-impressive resume.

The former Bachelorette star, 34, kickstarted her music career on Thursday with the release of her new song, "If I'm Being Honest."

The country tune showcases Bristowe's musical talent as she sings lyrics about accepting herself for who she is.

"If I'm being honest/ I'm not always as tough as I seem/and I can have my moments where words can get the best of me," she croons. "And I can be hard enough for all us on myself/ I don't need to read about it, hear about it somewhere else."

In her announcement on Instagram, Bristowe said she finished the song over a year ago, but she was too "afraid" and "insecure" to release it.

"If I’m being honest, I didn’t think I would ever release this song. I was too afraid, insecure, and kept doing the classic 'what if'. I don’t know who needs to hear this but f--- the what if’s," she wrote. "This uncertain time has shed light on how important time is. So while this song has been collecting dust for over a year, I’ve finally decided to share it with you."

While she said the nerves are certainly still there, she decided to embrace the fear rather than continue to let it hold her back.

"Singing has always been something that makes my heart happy," she said. "So if I’m being honest, Im still feeling insecure, yet PROUD to share this with you now. I even think we can all relate to the lyrics right now."

Bristowe's musical journey will also be chronicled in her new web series 9 to Wine.

"I'm going to bring you along with me while I release my music — which I'm terrified about — while I expand my hair accessory line, while I continue to podcast and hopefully go on tour," the Off the Vine podcast host previously told PEOPLE. "Scratch that, not hopefully, it will happen. Soon-ish. Maybe. Yes."

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