'The Bachelorette' 's Kaitlyn and Shawn Open Up About Moving in Together and Holding Off on Wedding Planning: 'We Call Ourselves the Boothstowes'

Happily engaged, Kaitlyn and Shawn say they re taking their time when it comes to tying the knot

Photo: Photographs by Jim Wright

They may have had their fill of fantasy dates and red roses, but the romance is still very much alive for Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth.

“We’re very touchy feely,” Bristowe tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s issue. “That’s how we show our love. We grab each other’s butts all the time!”

And there is plenty of time for tokens of affection, now that the former Bachelorette and her fiancé Booth, who were engaged on the season finale last July, have moved in together in a new home in Nashville.

“We’ve come full circle,” says Bristowe, 30, adding that there weren’t growing pains when it came to shacking up. “There was no weird, ‘Oh no am I going to be able to live with this?’ I get mad at him when he shaves and his hair is all over the sink. But that’s about it!”

When it comes to their much-anticipated nuptials, Bristowe and Booth are in no rush.

Says Booth, 29: “The pressure doesn’t get to us at all. We only knew each other for ten weeks before I proposed. We’re both normal people and the most normal thing we can do is wait.”

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Adds his bride-to-be: “We’re living together, we’re enjoying being engaged. When we start to plan, we’ll let everybody know!”

When they do get hitched, Bristowe says she’s looking forward to taking on her new moniker. “We call ourselves the Boothstowes. But when I get married, I’m going to take his name. I’m not a traditional person, but when it comes to that, I like the idea of being traditional. I think it’s romantic.”

And there’s no shortage of that in the Boothstowe household.

“I love Shawn more now than the day he proposed,” says Bristowe. “That was like a fantasy love. Now it’s real.”

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