Kailyn Lowry said she was told she would not be able to carry children before her third pregnancy

By Alexia Fernández
July 31, 2017 10:00 PM

Kailyn Lowry revealed a shocking truth about her third pregnancy: she never thought it would happen.

The mother of two, who is pregnant with her third child, revealed on Monday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 that she didn’t believe she could get pregnant again.

“I was told I couldn’t carry anymore children,” she told her ex Jo Rivera. “I was told I would have to go through fertility treatments and IVF and all kinds of things.”

“So, even now I’m still nervous that I could have a miscarriage. Another one,” she said.

When Rivera asked if she was planning on being with the father of her baby, she said yes, but that he was not willing to be a part of the show. Rivera expressed his worry for his 7-year-old son, Isaac, whom he shares with Lowry, as well as Lowry’s second child with ex husband Javi Marroquin, Lincoln, 3.

“I’m just thinking about the kids and thinking about you,” he said. “It was different with Isaac and Javi, Isaac was a baby. They don’t know this person. You have to think to yourself, ‘What are they going to think? What kind of questions are they going to ask you?’ ”

An MTV producer asked Lowry if she had used birth control or contraceptives, to which she said she had not.

“I think what he’s asking is, were you and him consciously aiming towards having a baby?” Rivera asked.

“Okay, from both of us, it was not planned and not prevented,” Lowry responded. “He knew I wanted a baby and if it happened, it was fine.”

Lowry also said she was ready to openly speak about her pregnancy in front of MTV’s cameras, saying she was willing to tell her story. She was not, however, willing to tell Marroquin about it.

“I’ve seen all the s— Jenelle [Evans] has gone through, with having three kids with three people,” Lowry said. “It’s going to get out anyway so I might as well tell my story and be transparent about it, so the truth is out there and not a bunch of rumors or assumptions.”

“I have not told Javi yet, because I’m afraid he will try to sell [the story],” she told Rivera. “I just don’t know when the right time is because he is not stable right now.”

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In early May, Lowry revealed on Twitter that the father of her child is Chris Lopez.

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Leah Messer held a birthday party for her youngest daughter, Addie, who turned 4 in the episode. Addie, however, struggled with being separated from her father.

Chelsea and Cole DeBoer were faced with a moody Aubree, 7, after the birth of their son, Watson Cole.

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on MTV.