Kailyn Lowry graduated from college but missed her friend and father of her third son, Chris Lopez

She did it!

Kailyn Lowry graduated from college on Monday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2. The reality star, 25, was accompanied by her two sons Isaac and Lincoln, as well as by two friends.

Noticeably absent were the fathers of her two sons, Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin, as well as the father of her unborn son, Chris Lopez.

“I don’t want none of my baby daddies [there],” Lowry tells her friends the night before her graduation.

“Do you feel like anyone’s missing?” a friend asked her.

“Chris,” Lowry said. “That’s what the best things are. He’s my baby daddy. I would still want him here.”

The MTV star seemed not want to dwell on any lingering feelings of sadness, quickly turning the subject to her future plans after graduation.

“I’m already thinking about grad school,” she said. “I would either like to have a job or be in grad school by January.”

Before walking out with her fellow graduates, Lowry expressed her disbelief to her professors that she was achieving a longtime dream of hers.

“Is this real life? Oh my God,” she said.

Despite Lowry’s hope that Lopez would appear at her graduation, he didn’t. However, as she walked across the stage, her two sons cheered loudly from their seats, standing up and waving their arms to congratulate their mother.

Credit: Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

After the ceremony, Lowry was quickly surrounded by her children, who were quick to congratulate their mother as she broke down in tears.

“Good job, mommy!” Lincoln said.

The other mothers in the episode were also achieving their own dreams.

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Briana DeJesus, now a mother of two, returned home after giving birth to baby Stella, but found difficulties in adjusting to seeing Luis around more frequently since their daughter’s birth.

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