Kailyn Lowry announced that she is expecting her fourth child in February

By Robyn Merrett
May 27, 2020 01:31 PM
Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Kailyn Lowry wants haters to "mind your business."

In a video shared on TikTok this week, the Teen Mom 2 star, 27, clapped back at critics, who slammed her for her number of children.

In the clip, Lowry shares some questions fans have asked her including: "Why 4 kids?" and "Do you know what birth control is?"

Fans also questioned her by saying, "Are you gonna try for a girl?" as well as "Do you want any more?", "Aren't you tired" and "Will you have another baby dad?"

In response, Lowry simply shrugged as Supa Dupa Humble rapped "I don't know" from his song "Steppin" in the background.

Lowry further shut down critics by writing, "I don't ask y'all to babysit so mind your business" over the clip.

Lowry announced in February that she is expecting a baby boy with Chris Lopez.

For the reveal, Lowry and her three sons — Isaac10Lincoln, 6, and Lux Russell, 2 — helped pull handheld confetti cannons that were filled with blue confetti. (Lowry shares Isaac with ex Jo Rivera; Lincoln with ex Javi Marroquin; and Lux with Lopez.)

Lowry told E! News that although she’s “never found out the sex of the baby before the birth,” she is “so excited, there’s just something so special about a mother and her sons.” According to the website, Lowry is due in July.

Kailyn Lowry and her children
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Lowry opened up about her latest pregnancy shortly after her announcement, sharing with her followers that she's been feeling a bit "weird" lately despite the fact that this her fourth time having a baby boy.

“Things have been so different this time around – it’s weird knowing the sex of this baby & trying to solidify a name so he doesn’t go nameless like Lux did ? + my anxiety is through the roof,” she wrote alongside a picture of her holding several ultrasound photos of her baby.

Earlier this month, Lowry celebrated making it to her third trimester.

"Baby boy & and I are coming up on 29 weeks & so thankful to be in our third trimester! He still doesn't have a name, but this is the chaos, it's how we do things," Lowry shared in the caption of an Instagram post that showed her cradling her bump.

Lowry also revealed that her unborn baby is "currently breech, so hopefully he decides to turn soon, because we're running out of room!"

"He's moving a lot these days and likes to keep me up at night," Lowry said.

Lowry also explained that "physically" this pregnancy has been "easy." However, "emotionally, this is has probably been my toughest pregnancy."