Kaci Walfall Says 'Naomi' Won't Crossover with Other DC Comics Shows in Season 1 — But She's 'Down'

Naomi star Kaci Walfall tells PEOPLE exclusively that series co-creator Ava DuVernay "confirmed that there won't be any crossovers with Naomi this season"

Kaci Walfall Naomi
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Fans of Naomi shouldn't anticipate any crossovers with other DC Comics series anytime soon.

Kaci Walfall, who plays the titular Naomi McDuffie in the hit drama show, tells PEOPLE exclusively that series co-created Ava DuVernay recently explained to her why her chatacter is staying put for now.

"Ms. Ava confirmed that there won't be any crossovers with Naomi this season," says Walfall, 17. "Naomi takes place in a different universe. It's the introduction to the Naomiverse."

But Walfall is definitely interested in the possibility of visiting another DC universe in the future.

"Ms. Ava said yesterday that they should come over here in the future," she adds. "So yeah, I would be so down to do a crossover in the future."

Naomi is based on the comic book series of the same name, which is co-written by Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker. The show follows comic book-obsessed teen Naomi McDuffie as she soon discovers her own superhuman abilities.

"I think just to have this role, I'm very grateful," she says. "I'm very grateful to tell this story. Of course, everything happens for a reason. So, to have this is really special."

Despite the series newly debuting on The CW on Jan. 11, Walfall has already received positive feedback about Naomi from fans. "I have gotten some good DMs and messages on Twitter, Instagram, which I really appreciate. For people to take the time out of their day to say something, it means a lot," she said.

But Walfall admits she does "feel pressure" to make viewers happy, especially since the comic book has such a strong, pre-existing fandom.

Kaci Walfall Naomi
Boris Martin/The CW

"I'm only 17 and this is the first season of the show. Of course, everyone's going to feel pressure," she says. "I feel like every actor feels some sort of pressure. I think that pressure is something that can be looked at as negative and then it can be something that's looked at as positive."

"I think that pressure is weight, right? So, when you have that weight you can tell a story and people can see that," she added. "I think that this project, of course, there's pressure. But there's weight in it and that's a positive thing. So, I try and focus on the positive more than the negative. I know that I did my best and the cast and the crew did their best, and that should be all."

One thing that has helped Walfall navigate this new chapter in her life is working alongside DuVernay. The young actress says she has "learned so much about acting" from the 49-year-old filmmaker.

"Working with Ms. Ava has been a dream," the Brooklyn native says. "Every time I have a phone call with her or I even see her when she's on set, it's truly inspiring because you learn something every time. Or, I learn something every time when I'm with Ms. Ava. She's so real, first of all. She's such a kind person, truly. She just has a great heart but she also has a great creative soul."

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Walfall says DuVernay has also taught her to not "be afraid to ask questions, don't be afraid to speak up, be kind while doing it and unapologetically take up space."

"What she's really reminded me of is that I am enough, that I am worthy and within my work, tell the truth," she adds.

Walfall comes from a family that's "very" invested in sports, particularly basketball. While her parents were "convinced" she was going to be in the WNBA, she knew from a young age she had a passion for acting.

"We tried all the sports, but the sports didn't work out," she recalls. "I remember just wanting to be behind the camera, not really knowing how to express that. But when I was seven, my mom was like, 'All right, we're going to have to do something with this.' So she put me in an acting class and I really loved it. We just kept trying things, and that was my thing."

Kaci Walfall Naomi
Danny Delgado/The CW

Prior to nabbing the leading role on Naomi, Walfall built up her acting resumé with various roles on TV shows including Army Wives and The Equalizer. But her latest gig has her thinking about her future within the entertainment industry — and the many possibilities she could potentially explore.

"I think everything that I do, mainstream or not, comes at a great time in my life. So, I think that everything that's for me will come," she says. "But I would love to play a real person. I played book-to-characters. I've played movie-to-TV characters. But I think that playing a real-life character would really stretch me and challenge me, which I love to be challenged."

"Watching the directors, especially on this show, have inspired me to take more directing classes," she continues. "I did a mentorship this summer with a director and that was really helpful. And a writing mentorship, and that was really helpful. But I think seeing every single director has inspired me to see what life is like behind the camera."

Naomi airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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