K-Fed's Words of Wisdom on 'OTH'

Photo: Fred Norris/THECW

He’s been missing since the Jan. 23 episode when his nasty rock-singer character Jason was dismissed from his own band, but Kevin Federline returned to One Tree Hill Tuesday, and it didn’t take long for him to hit rock bottom — literally. Not only did he get punched to the ground by an angry Quentin (Robbie Jones) after he grabbed Haley’s (Bethany Joy Galeotti) butt in a club, K-Fed delivered a few one-liners that the residents of Tree Hill won’t soon forget. –Nicholas White

Here’s a sample:

• “You think you were good? The only reason were clapping is I told them you were retarded.” –Federline’s Jason, to his ex-lead singer, Mia (played by MySpace Records’ Kate Voegele)

• “Not as upset as when you left your granny panties in my bed.” –Jason, taunting Haley, after she tells him off

• “We’re halfway there, then.” Jason, coming on to nanny Carrie (Torrey DeVito), after she tells him her date has already bought her a drink

• “Get off the stage. You suck. Choke.” –Jason, heckling Mia, before she performs with her band Fred Norris/THECW

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