Credit: Fred Norris/THECW

Battling ex-wife Britney Spears for custody of his kids by day, Kevin Federline has a budding TV career at night.

Federline, 29, appeared on Tuesday’s episode of The CW’s One Tree Hill, as the lead singer of an undiscovered rock band.

Filmed last October in North Carolina, Federline’s scenes mark his second appearance on primetime TV, after a brief role on CSI in 2006.

Federline, who has joked publicly of his celebrity status as Spears’s ex-husband, had three segments in Tuesday’s One Tree Hill.

First, K-Fed flexed his vocal chops, singing a rock song in a club — with mixed results — backed by his band. A local manager watching says she can tell that they are “unsigned,” a likely poke at Federline’s dismal record sales of his 2006 CD, Playing with Fire.

The rock manager later tries to recruit Federline and his band. But K-Fed turns her down, saying he’s looking for someone more experienced, before hinting that an “ex-girlfriend” had deceived him the same way before.

“My ex girlfriend told me the same thing prom night,” Federline said, when the manager said she wanted his band to be her “first” signed group. “She was a lying b—-. We’re going to pass, but thanks.” –Nicholas White

Tell us: Is TV good for his career? Can Kevin act? Or will you pass on the next episodes?

Fred Norris/THECW