K-Fed Gets Intense on 'OTH'

Photo: Fred Norris/THECW

Not only did Kevin Federline sing a full 10 seconds on One Tree Hill Tuesday night, the rapper further showed off his acting skills when things got tense between the leader of a hard-rocking band and record producer Peyton (Hilarie Burton). Sporting a mohawk, black T-shirt, and earrings in both ears, K-Fed, as the difficult Jason, may be ousted from the band for his bad attitude.

“These are my songs,” Federline snarls at Peyton. “We play them my way. Nobody’s going to change that.”

Sadly, there is only one episode of OTH left for Federline. What will happen to Jason? And what will happen to Peyton’s dreams of producing a rock star? Meanwhile, we’re loving the performance of another guest star, Nip/Tuck‘s Daphne Zuniga, who has shined as Sophia Bush‘s venomous businesswoman mother. –Nicholas White

Tell us: What show should Kevin Federline appear on next?

Also, find out the one thing K-Fed will never do on TV.

Fred Norris/THECW

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