Credit: Frank Micelotta/Fox; Todd Plitt/Getty

Robbie Carrico, who once dated Britney Spears, took to the American Idol stage for the first time Tuesday along with the other men in the top 24. After singing Three Dog Night‘s “One,” he faced the judges, including Simon Cowell, who told him, “I’m not quite sure yet whether you’re very comfortable in this rock thing — is it really you or are you a pop singer?”

To that, Robbie, who used to be in the pop group Boyz and Girlz United, replied, “Definitely not a pop singer. I can sing anything, but I love rock.”

While the judges argued over whether Robbie rocked out enough, the Idol music came on, cueing host Ryan Seacrest to jump in with some witty banter. “Dressed like a rocker,” he said. “But kinda looks like Justin Timberlake, doesn’t he?”

Tell us: Does Robbie Carrico look like Justin Timberlake? What if he didn’t have long hair and a beard?Frank Micelotta/Fox; Todd Plitt/Gettyspan>