Justin Theroux opened up about married life during an interview with Good Morning America's Robin Roberts on Wednesday

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated September 30, 2015 10:50 AM

Justin Theroux says married life is different – he just can’t put his finger on exactly how.

The Leftovers star told Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts on Wednesday that he’s felt a “shift” since tying the knot with love Jennifer Aniston in August.

“It’s fantastic,” Theroux said of married life. “Something really does shift in a wonderful way and it refocuses things and in a weird way it was a long time coming.”

The couple were wed in front of a stars like Ellen DeGeneres and Courteney Cox on Aug. 5 in the backyard of their Bel Air, California, home.

As PEOPLE previously reported, Theroux and Aniston kept the event a surprise by telling family and friends that the celebration was for the actor’s 44th birthday party.

Theroux said he can’t pinpoint the exact reason why married life feels so unique (and no, it’s not the new jewelry).

“Something shifts and I can’t quite explain what it is,” he told Roberts. “You relax into it in a certain way – I can’t explain it.”

The actor also shared his praise of the wedding’s celebrity officiant: Jimmy Kimmel.

“It was exactly what you would want him to do,” Theroux said. “He was extremely funny he kept things extremely light, it was extremely touching, cried a little bit – he did – well, everyone did, and it was the perfect tone for the night.”

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Theroux’s hit HBO show returns to TV on Sunday, and while he insisted its sophomore season won’t be “quite as bleak,” the drama remains emotional.

“We moved the show to Texas, a fictional town,” he told Roberts, and added, “I’d like to say things normalize but they just get a lot weirder.”