October 16, 2015 10:10 AM

Jimmy Kimmel‘s lips may be sealed, but Justin Theroux‘s certainly are not.

When the Leftovers actor, 44, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live!, of course the two pals chatted about Theroux’s recent wedding with Jennifer Aniston, which Kimmel officiated. And ever since the secret backyard ceremony, Kimmel has made sure to remain tight-lipped when it comes to fielding questions about the newlyweds.

“I won’t even tell them what we ate,” Kimmel bragged. “I’m like Fort Knox, I keep everything very quiet.”

And while Theroux did keep quiet in the weeks following the wedding, now that it’s over he’s more than happy to dish on all the details – including a rather embarrassing piece of information about Kimmel.

“There’s really only one little detail from the wedding that you revealed on Good Morning America and it was that I cried at the wedding?” said Kimmel. “The one piece of information that you let escape from this wedding!”

“It’s true!” Theroux said in his defense.

Perhaps Theroux let the information slip on purpose to get back at Kimmel for “bullying” him into having a bachelor party.

“You were emailing me all the time, like, ‘Dude you got to have a bachelor’s party, it has to happen,’ ” recalled Theroux.

“I was going to have it with or without you,” admitted Kimmel.

But while some guys might go the stereotypical Vegas bachelor party, Theroux and Kimmel kept things more low-key.

Theroux, Kimmel and a group of friends decided to get together the night before the wedding for a few steaks and beers.

“It was the most G-Rated,” Kimmel said with a laugh.

Theroux agreed, recalling that when he got to Kimmel’s house for dinner, his wife, Molly, answered the door holding their daughter Jane.

“Yes, my wife and baby were at your bachelor party,” said Kimmel.

“We had a very quiet bachelor party because there was literally a baby upstairs sleeping,” said Theroux.

Now that Theroux is settling into married life, he’s realizing there are some things of his that don’t quite “jive with Jen’s style” and that he needs to put away – like his collection of dental knickknacks.

“I used to collect odd medical curio, like you know, dental instruments or teeth,” he explained.

Shockingly, Aniston didn’t think extracted teeth would make the best coffee-table decorations.

Something that did make it into the house?

A dental mannequin – clearly Aniston is willing to compromise.

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