Justin Bieber's New Comedy Central Roast Promo Parodies That Infamous Calvin Klein Ad

A new promo for Bieber's Comedy Central roast features the singer's biggest, burliest Belieber

Photo: Courtesy Comedy Central

Move over, SNL; Justin Bieber is taking charge of the jokes made at his expense.

The newest promo for Comedy Central’s upcoming roast pokes fun at his recent Calvin Klein campaign and includes one unlikely Belieber – comedian and veteran roaster Jeffrey Ross.

In the NSFW clip, a blond-wigged Ross, 49, touches and teases a topless Bieber in a not-so-sexy rendition of the 21-year-old singer’s jeans commercial. After whispering sordid nothings in Bieber’s ear and declaring himself a “Belieber,” Ross says he’s the singer’s “worst nightmare.”

Sounds similar to roast master Kevin Hart’s threat to the young singer. But thanks to this creepy promo, Ross is sure to bring nightmares to many more people than just Bieber.

The roast airs March 30 on Comedy Central.

Why Is Justin Bieber Hanging Out with a Guy in a Blonde Wig?

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