The 9 Definitive Moments of the Justin Bieber Roast, as Told by GIFs

Revel in the awkwardness by watching it happen over and over and over again

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The collective feeling of schadenfreude was strong on Monday night when Comedy Central aired the highly anticipated Roast of Justin Bieber

Never before has a roast been so gleefully received by the viewing audience, and with good reason. Martha Stewart, of all people, completely smoked the Biebs, and cracks were made about everything from Bieber’s on-and-off romance with Selena Gomez to his teensy mustache.

Without further ado, let’s revisit the 9 most definitive moments of the Roast of Justin Bieber – the best parts of which, arguably, were Justin Bieber’s reactions to the fire raining down upon his head.

That Time Bieber Begrudgingly Agreed with the Assessment

You can’t convince us he’s not thinking, “Yep, that checks out.”

That Time Bieber Laughed and Was Like, "Yeah, True"

“Yeah, that happened, but aren’t I cute?” say Bieber’s raised eyebrows.

That Time Bieber Was Like, "What Have I Gotten Myself Into?"

That Time Bieber Smiled Through the Pain

That Time Bieber Conveyed Through a Vigorous Knee-Slapping That We’re All Just Having Fun Here

That Time Hannibal Buress Spoke the Truest of Truths

That Time Jeff Ross Went In on Bieber and His Alleged Once-Fling with Kendall Jenner

That Time Martha Stewart Schooled Every Comedian in the Room – and Propositioned the Biebs

By his face, Bieber was not expecting that turn of events … but he wouldn’t be opposed.

What was your favorite moment from the roast? Sound off below.

Justin Bieber Roast Best Moments

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