Justin Bieber and Madonna Get Flirty During a Game of 'Never Have I Ever' on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' (VIDEO)

You'll be surprised what two of the world's biggest pop stars admit when the game gets personal


Ellen DeGeneres must have felt like a bit of a third wheel when things got spicy between Madonna and Justin Bieber on Wednesday.

As the trio prepared to play Never Have I Ever on DeGeneres’s talk show, Madonna didn’t shy away from getting risqué, asking about the game paddles: “Can we spank each other with these?”

In the next few minutes, both singers admitted they’d fooled around in a bathroom during a party, gotten frisky while someone else was in the room and forgotten the name of a hookup. (Also for the record: Bieber has dated siblings but insists he hasn’t had phone sex.)

DeGeneres – who only copped to a little bathroom action – joked, “You two are perfect for each other!”

Madonna cozily leaned in for a cuddle with Bieber and said, “I feel like I’m getting to know my new boyfriend.”

The flirtation continued the theme of Madonna’s taste for younger men, which DeGeneres brought up just before the game began.

“Yesterday, Madonna said the youngest man she’d ever dated was 22, and you just turned 21,” she told Bieber. “I’m just sayin’ “

“I could sit here for a year and wait,” said the 56-year-old Material Girl.

Asked Bieber, “So, like, 22 is the lowest you’ll go?”

“I have no limit,” said Madonna, who told DeGeneres on Tuesday that she had just met her daughter Lourdes’s college boyfriend.

DeGeneres then showed Madonna the shirtless cover photo of Bieber from the April issue of Men’s Health.

“That looks 22,” she laughed.

“That’s what’s underneath here,” Bieber said, rubbing his stomach.

“Underneath the sheriff’s outfit?” joked DeGeneres, 57.

“On the outside he’s 21, on the inside he’s 22,” concluded Madonna, whose latest album Rebel Heart PEOPLE calls a triumph.

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