Kevin Hart Is Pretty Sure Justin Bieber Cried After His Roast

"It got a little rough," says the comedian, who hosted Bieber's hazing,

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Justin Bieber‘s upcoming Comedy Central Roast is in the can, but the burns just keep coming.

On Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, roast emcee Kevin Hart told Kimmel he’s pretty sure the singer, 21, shed a few tears on the way home from the taping.

It’s only natural that, on a night when a string of comedians spelled out the reasons why Bieber is "the King Joffrey of Pop," things got “a little rough,” Hart, 35.

(And, to be fair, Hart warned Bieber in his opening monologue that it would “get ugly.”)

“There were some moments where I was like, ‘Justin’s gonna cry in the car,” Hart said. “There’s no way he’s not gonna cry.’ ”

He continued: “You know how you look at a person, and they’re trying to have a good time, but you can tell there’s a tear? … It’s a laugh, but it’s not. I kept pointing at him, like, ‘You better hold it back, boy. You don’t let them cameras see it come down.’ ”

“He did one knee-slap where I think he covered up a cry.”

In Bieber’s defense, Hart did praise his good humor about his past: “He gave this rebuttal and at the end of it, it was more about him acknowledging all of the stuff that he’s done and saying that he’s now in a different place in his life, he’s ready to mature and move on. And I think that’s such a nice place to do it because it’s like, ‘Let me be an adult, let me be a man now and now let me move on with my life.’ ”

Joked Kimmel, 47, “This was like his Bar Mitzvah?”

“Pretty much,” said Hart, “except we didn’t circumcise him. That’s the only thing we didn’t do.”

The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber airs March 30.

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